Activity Levels for our different trips :


Walking and Cycling tours require a minimum level of fitness, so please look at the activity level of the tour before deciding. Still not sure? Send us an e-mail and we will help you to decide which tour is the best for you.

Am I in good enough shape for the trip? Are you able to physically do the trip you are looking into…and enjoy yourself?


Level 1Gently rolling terrain with easy climbs and/or descents which are rarely steep. Walks average 7-10 km per day or 3 to 4 hours of walking. Depending upon the day, elevation gains can vary but always with less than 500 meters.

Level 2 Rolling terrain with some rocky trails with an occasional steep climb and/or descent. Walks average per day of 5 to 6 hours of walking. Depending upon the day elevation gains can vary with a maximum of +/- 500 to 750 meters.

Level 3 More difficult terrain with rocky trails with steep climbs and/or descents. Walks average per day of 5 to 7 hours of walking. Depending upon the day elevation gains can vary with a maximum of +/- 750 to 1000 meters.




Level 1 Bike on mainly flatter roads. On your ride you may encounter some gently rolling hills. Rides average 40 km per day.

Level 2 Changing terrain includes a few challenging hills. Rides average 50 km per day.

Level 3 Challenging terrain including long and sometimes steep climbs. Rides average more than 60 km per day.


In all of our bike trips, rides vary from very quiet country roads with the occasional dirt section to a few busier roads in towns. Please consider your personal physical level as you choose to reserve a trip. In a group trip, van support will not always be available.



Level 2 Moderate level mountain biking which uses a combination of country paths, tracks and trails, together with small sections of country roads.

Requires some off-road mountain biking experience.

Some hill climbing and descending involved, but not at a highly technical level, and we tend to use the roads as a way to ease the uphill climbs.

Rides average 50km with approx 1000m ascent per day.

Level 3 Some challenging terrain including long climbs and descents.

Rides average 60km per day. Requires off-road mountain biking experience.



Which level of activity suits you?


The level that we rate a trip is a suggested one.

The same program can be considered differently according to the age of the person traveling or whether the person is in good physical shape.

A trip that is in the mountains does not mention the distance walked in km, but preferably a walking time and an elevation gain.

Walking times do not include the breaks for lunch, naps or photos.

The number of walking hours can vary more or less of 15% according to the person, the group or even climatic conditions.

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